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Crystal has deep roots in farming and ranching. Her daughters are the 4th generation of a cattle ranching family in district going back over 50 years. As stewards of New Mexico’s lands, they take exhaustive care of our soil, water, livestock & wildlife every day while doing their part to feed the world. As a legislator, she will work to offer the resources and freedoms our agriculture business need in order to operate efficiently and support the labor force that serves as the backbone of our agricultural operations. ​


Our rural schools district receive disproportionate resources, it’s time to fight for what is fair for our students and teachers. As a school board member, Crystal fought to increase security measures and provide healthier meals to students who can’t afford them. As your next senator, she will make sure more money goes directly into our classrooms, not spent of bureaucratic waste so that classroom decisions can be made at the local level.


2ND Amendment

For Crystal and her family hunting is a way of life and family tradition in her home. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack from radical progressives in Santa Fe. Unlike urban legislators, she recognizes that emergency response times in rural communities is delayed and families must have the power to protect their homes and loved ones from harm. When it comes to defending our God-given rights Crystal will always fight to protect our constitutional rights to bear arms and traditions New Mexico sportsmen enjoy.

Energy & Environment

New Mexico’s energy economy is critical to getting our economy back on track. Crystal recognizes the value of a strong, stable oil & natural gas industry as the leading contributor to the state budget and critical job creator.

As a landowner, she respects science and understands the importance of keeping our watersheds healthy. Crystal supports efforts to reduce wildfire risk by thinning overstocked stands to create shaded fuel breaks and increase wildlife habitat, increasing livestock grazing opportunities, and supporting increased funding and guidance to reduce or eliminate hazardous fuels in forested lands of New Mexico. She supports responsible use of our forest, range, cropland, and pasture to support industries including farming & ranching, hunting & outfitting, timber harvest & energy transmission.

Guided by Faith

Crystal is guided by her Christian faith and believes life should be protected at all stages. She lives the values of rural New Mexico and the need to save our western way of life. Crystal is running to ensure the traditions of Southern New Mexico are preserved.


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