Senator Diamond Bio, updated 3/2022

Representing the Southern portion of New Mexico, Crystal Diamond was one of only 2 republican senators elected in 2020. She is the first female to be elected to the seat and first Senator to ever call Sierra County home. Impressively, Diamond was the first Republican to hold the seat, handedly winning the district with 58% of the vote. 

Prior to her election to the Senate, Crystal has served the conservation and natural resource needs of New Mexico as both elected official and former director of Sierra Soil & Water Conservation District. She recognizes ranchers and farmers to be the true guardians of our land, water, livestock & wildlife. She continues to advocate for responsible, multi-use of our lands and natural resources, and promoting conservation over preservation.

Senator Diamonds term began with her appointment to the powerful Senate Finance Committee, a privilege unusual for a freshmen legislator. She provides rural representation and influence in the state's finances, often giving credit the valuable Oil & Gas industry for the bulk of state revenues and praising the economic contributions of the agricultural sector. Crystal has a clear understanding of the importance of responsible fiscal governance and works hard to help keep New Mexico's money house in order. 

Her first successful bill was a victory in bringing a voice to rural and remote New Mexico. The Rural Equity Ombudsman creates a central point of contact to address the longstanding inequities of resource distribution among rural communities. The bill received unanimous support from legislators and went on to be signed by the Governor.

Crystal has received many recognitions and honored awards for her legislative work in support of New Mexico's business communities, industries, farmers and ranchers, and families & children. 

A proud NMSU Aggie, Crystal is the past-president of the NMSU College of Agriculture Alumni Council and continues to stay connected to her alma mater. Her leadership roles in agriculture networks across the state include the NM Cattle Growers’ Association Board of Directors and NM Farm & Livestock Board of Directors, of which she still currently serves on the state board of directors for both associations.

Crystal lives in Elephant Butte with her two daughters, Cayden (13 yrs.) and Reece (12 yrs.) where their family enjoys spending time in the beautiful New Mexico outdoors.


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